Museums In France

Louvre Museum

France offers many types of museums about any subject imaginable. The French love to visit them during the weekends. This means that there are crowds and long lines to deal with. When making your travel plans, it is best to go to the museums during the weekdays. If you are visiting Paris, you can avoid lines by purchasing a carte muse, which is a Museums and Monuments card that lets you have unlimited visits and top access to over 65 locations in the city.

Paris is home to the most visited and famous museum in the entire world, the Louvre. The main entrance of the museum is occupied by the Louvre Pyramid. Inside the art museum holds some of the most famous art pieces such as Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Madonna at the Rocks, and Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People. You will be able to find different departments that hold many pieces. Some of these departments include Egyptian Antiquities, Sculptures, and Paintings. This is a must-see museum if you admire art!

Another museum that is located in Paris is the Museum of Music. The museum holds one of the largest collections of musical instruments in the world. It is dedicated to musical heritage from the 17th century to the present. The museum also covers all types of music. The museum holds concerts, so if you visit, you may be able to see a French musician. This museum is not only for adults, many children enjoy it too.

The town of Bayeux is where you will find the Musée Memorial de la Bataille de Normandie. It is dedicated to the Battle of Normandy which took place June 6th, to August 22nd, 1944. The museum is centered on the military and the human effects of during this time. There are tanks displayed outside the museum for visitors to see. The museum itself is designed to be like the inside of a bunker and features wax soldiers dressed in the attire. This would be an interesting stop to learn about history.

If you are visiting in the town of Plougastel, why not take a tour of the Strawberry Museum. This museum showcases different aspects of the Finistere region of France, which is located at the very tip of French Brittany. You may be wondering why the museum has to do with strawberries. When strawberries were first brought to France from South America, they were cultivated in this area.

In the city of Mulhouse you will find many museums to choose from. One that stands out amongst the others is the National Automobile Museum – Schlumpf collection. The museum has over 600 cars in its collection made by over 90 different manufactures. This would be a great stop by any car lover!

No matter where you travel in France you will be able to find a museum. Many of the museums involve art, which is very important to the French. You will be able to find a museum for just about anything you can think of. With so many museums to choose from, it is probably going to take a few days to see everything you want.

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