Festivals In France


There are many festivals that take place all over France throughout the year. When you visit the country there may be one happening. These festivals can have just about anything. You will find festivals celebrating music, food, and art. There are also festivals for film and car lovers. When making your trip plans, try to find out if there will be a festival taking place when you are visiting.

If you love music, France has many festivals that involve it. One of the biggest music festivals in the country is FrancoFolies. It happens every summer in the city of La Rochelle. The festival features many French musicians that play jazz, rock, and folk. There usually are international bands that also perform. This festival would be great for someone visiting who would like a taste of the French music scene.

Another music festival that happens during the summer is the Paris Jazz Festival. It is a series of free concerts that occur in the 1,500 seat Espace Delta in Parc Floral which is in the middle of Bois de Vincennes. These concerts are held every Saturday and Sunday at 4:30 PM. The crowd can listen while in a chaise lounge, or have a picnic while the musicians play. There have been many artists that have performed including Didier Lockwood, and Claude Nougaro.

If you enjoy wine and are traveling in Paris in October, a great festival to go to is Montmartre Grape Harvest Festival. Montmartre is a wine-growing area in Paris. This area has hosted the festival since 1937. It occurs the first Saturday of October and is free. It includes wine tasting, a parade, and a large gathering of wine growers, lovers, and experts. In the evening there is a variety show, dinner, and a ball. This would be a great festival to attend.

Festivals in France are not just about music and food. Every July in Biarritz, which is a town located on the beach of Southwestern France there is a surf festival held at the CĂ´te des Basques which is the birthplace of surfing in the country. People come from all over the world to take part in it. There are a number of contests and demonstrations for surfing, paddle board racing, and other water sports. You will also be able to see Hawaiian ceremonies. The fun does not end when the sun goes down. There is films and music to continue the celebration through the long summer evenings. This would be a great festival if you are planning a vacation near the beach. You will be able to see surfers from all over the world and maybe even try surfing yourself!

There are many festivals throughout the year in all of France. You can easily find one happening while you are there. It is best to look ahead of time so you will not miss them once you are in town. You will be able to enjoy what France has to offer such as music, food, and films, and perhaps even learn more about the country while having a wonderful time.

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