Directions To Gramophone Hostel


It’s a 15-minute walk from the Central Train Station and the bus stations ‘South’ and ‘Rhodopi’. Just get to Ivan Vazov str (wich begins from the roundabout near the train station) and go straight ahead until you reach the Central square and the big building of the Post Office. That’s where the pedestrian ‘Knyaz Alexander I’ street begins. Continue straight ahead and after you pass McDonald’s, look to your left for the ‘Gramophone’ sign.

From the Central Train Station you can use the public transport (costs 1lv or 0.5 eur.) – bus lines: 4(small bus), 20, 26, 36, 37, until you reach the bus stop before the tunnel below the ancient theatre – it’s a 3min. walk from there.

A taxi from the Central Train Station costs maximum 3lv or 1.5 eur. A taxi from Plovdiv airport to Gramophone costs 15lv or 7.50eur., but if you inform us in advance we can come and pick you up for 5eur.

Directions To Raisky Kat Hostel


Raisky Kat Hostel is not far from the central train station and bus depot.
The easiest way to arrive at the hostel is to ask a taxi to take you to the Ponedelnik Pazar (Monday Market) which is 100 meters south of the hostel or simply show them the address. You should use caution when taking a taxi that is parked outside the bus or train station as these usually overcharge their customers. It is best to hail a moving taxi at these locations. The absolute maximum you should pay from these locations to the hostel is 3 leva or 1.5 euro.
Or, from the main rail station you can take bus numbers 2, 20, 26, get off at the Central Post Office and walk east to the old town.

Directions To Funky Monkey Hostel


From bus station south and train station: taxi is 3 – 4 lev /2 euro/ Before taking the taxi ask for the price in advance. Cheap taxi companies: 6155; 6665; 9199; 6142.
From bus station north taxi is 4 lev. If you want to come on foot: take right after exiting the bus station – toward the river.
After passing the bridge there are two traffic lights you need to cross. After the second one take the first possible left turn.
After 100 meters you will see us on the left corner of this street.

Directions To Hikers Hostel Plovdiv


From the Train station/Bus station YUG

Getting out of the train station (or turning right from the bus station) you see a traffic ring connecting three streets. Take the one on the right (Ivan Vazov Str). In about 10 mins you reach the central square with the Post Office. Continue along that main pedestrian street until you see a round square, called Djumayata Mosque, where artists sell their works. Take a right and walk uphill for 5 more mins along Saborna str. Hikers Hostel is number 53 on the left-hand side.

The bus stops is right in front of the station/opposite the bus station. You need bus #7, 20 or 26. Get off right after the tunnel. The ride takes about 10-15 mins, it costs 1 lev (50 Euro cents). Then climb up the stairs leading to the old town. In about 5 mins you get to Hissar Kapia (The Gate of the Fortified Walls). Turn right along Saborna str. Hikers Hostel is number 53 on the right-hand side.

From Bus station SEVER:

From the bus stion in front of the station you can catch bus #99 and get off right before the tunnel. It’s about 15-20 mins ride, it costs 1 lev (50 euro cents). From there you go through the underpass to get to the other side of the road. Climb up the stairs leading to the old town. Then follow the instructions above.

Recommended taxi companies are 6188, 6665, 6133 or 9199, which you can catch from the main street in front of the stations!
Beware of other taxies that wait right in front of the stations because they will charge double or more!

The normal price is about 3-4 Bulgarian leva.

Directions To Hostel Old Plovdiv


Hostel Old Plovdiv is easy to access with car and offers FREE Parking.

The superb location of Hostel Old Plovdiv makes it really easy to find it.

If you come from the city center, walking on the main pedestrian street ‘Kniaz Alexander Batenberg’ towards river Maritsa, you need to get to the remains of the Roman Stadium.

You will see a big Mosque turn right and take the pavement street uphill into the Old town.
Go along Saborna Street , leaving big Christian Orthodox Cathedral ‘Sveta Bogoroditsa’ at your right and turn left when you reach the church ‘St.Consntantine & Elena’, just before the famous city gate Hissar Kapia. Hostel Old Plovdiv is 15 meters on your left.

If you come by train-there is a public bus stop just in front Central railway station.
If you preffer to take a taxi- we recommend you to use company 9199 or 6665 they will drive you to us for approximately 2,5 Eur.
You can take buses number 7, 20, 26 or rout mini-bus shuttle 2.After approximately 9 minutes travel time get off on the 6th bus stop, immediately after you pass the tunnel.

There are stone stairs 15 meters before the bus stop to the left, which lead uphill to the Old Plovdiv. Turn the second street to the left-this is ‘Konstantin Stoilov’ Street and walk exactly 53 metres to see Hostel ‘Old Plovdiv’ at your right- there are big signs and you can not miss it.

By plane:

The closest airport is Plovdiv airport situated at about 9 km from the city The airport is offering no regular flights and is specialized in international charter passenger flights only throughout the year.

The busiest period is the winter time when a huge number of foreign tourists fly in to go to one of the top 3 Bulgarian ski resorts – Pamporovo (60 km), Borovets (90 km) and Bansko (160 km).

The second closest airport is Bulgarian biggest international Sofia airport (, 136 km away from Plovdiv (1, 5 h drive) There are many daily regular flights from the European capitals and cities.
Do not hesitate to contact us for arranging transfer to and from both airports.

By car

The easiest way is to type our address in your GPS navigation and follow the instructions.

If you don’t have GPS and if you are coming from Sofia drive only straight on Vasil Aprilov Blvd., until you cross the river Maritsa, then on the first cross-road with traffic lights turn left on Shesti septemvri Blvd.
Pass the first two cross-roads with traffic lights, and on the third one turn right, facing the tunnel. Just before the tunnel turn right again on Zhelezarska Str. and turn left on Krivolak Str. Take second street to the right and after 30 metres turn sharp left and up, facing a parking at your right.
This is Saborna Str. -follow it until you reach the church ‘St.Consntantine & Elena’, just before the famous city gate Hissar Kapia. Hostel Old Plovdiv is 15 meters on your left.

By bus

The Busiest Bus station ‘South'( or Yug in Bulgarian) is just 50 metres from the central Railway station, serving passengers coming from Sofia ,Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgarian Black Sea coast and a lot of international routes, including Istanbul. On the opposite side of the bus station there is a public bus stop. Just use the instruction for the arrival by train, but this time get off 5-th bus stop.
Next Bus station is ‘North’ (or Sever in Bulgarian) , serving passengers coming from North Bulgaria and famous ski resort Bansko, as well as famous summer Sunny Beach Black Sea Coast Resort and Burgas. Take bus 21 or trolley bus 3 from the bus stop infront. Again get off at the 6-th bus stationbut this time it will be the one just before the tunnel, travel time: 11 min. Cross the boulevard, using the subway which you will find on your left. Take the stairs on the right and get upstairs to the ground surface. Now take the stone stairs to the left, leading uphill to the Old Plovdiv and use the last part of the instructions for arrival by train.
And finally the last Bus station is ‘Rodopi’, serving passengers coming from Haskovo, Kardjali, Smolyan and famous winter ski resort Pamporovo. Take the the subway beside the bus station and walk to the Central railway station. Then follow the complete instructions of how to get by train

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Directions To Balkanarama Hostel

Balkanarama Hostel

From the main bus station, you take a left turn on to the Trg Ivana Krndelja and continue going straight down this road for 750m when you take a left turn to the Brace Seva street and there we are!

Directions To Hostel Dalila

Hostel Dalila

We are only 3 min away from the station.
When you arrive to the bus station in Mostar your bus will stop by one of the 10 platforms.

After going of the bus please keep on walking from lower platform numbers to the higher ones.

After passing the last platform you will end up walking on a side walk passing a small gas station on your right hand side (‘EP’ orange colored).

Immediately after passing the gas station you need to cross the street and immediately take the first small street to the right.

On the end of that street after 30 meters take left and then immediately turn right on an other small street that will continue in to a path.

Directions To Hostel & Guesthouse Savat

Hostel & Guesthouse Savat

When you arrived at bus station you should exit the bus station area, and then go left. Now, you follow that street (you will pass the gass station on your left side) untill you reach first traffic lights, then take right. You should go just straight, pass the bridge and just go straight to the traffic lights (you will see in front of you huge old yellow builidng). At that traffic light go left and then just follow main street. You have to go in direction of big church tower (after big old yellow building, follow main street and on the second traffic light go right). After that go straight for 100m and on your left side you will see the sign of Savat. Pass through the parking and there you are.

Directions To Mostar Downtown Hostel

Mostar Downtown Hostel

It is very easy to reach Mostar Downtown Hostel. It is located on the same street, Marsala Tita, as the main bus and railroad station. One just needs to walk straight for 20 minutes due south from the bus/railroad station following Marsala Tita Street. The hostel is located immediately opposite to Lucki bridge, famous for its beautiful view of Old Bridge.

Directions To Hostel Miran

Hostel Miran

When you exit the bus and train station, go left. When you get to the gas station cross the street and take the next right. Turn left at the next street (M. Balorde). You will see a small hospital. Turn right at the first street after the hospital (PERE LAZETICA). We are number 13 on the left.

Directions To Hostel Dino

Hostel Dino

For guests who want to stay at our place it is very easy to find our hostel, which is located in the center part of town.
For those who are coming by bus or by train: go 500 m straight (just straight in the direction to the hill with a big cross) to the old town (precisely to the south) keep to first cross roads then turn right and walk 100 m and then you will see billboard HOSTEL DINO!
You will enjoy staying in our hostel.

Directions To Hostel Backpackers

Hostel Backpackers

If you come by bus or train (bus and train station are in the same building) you can find us by following these simple instructions:

Make sure the bus station entrance is behind your back. Turn left and walk straight for approximately 400 m following the road. After the first 400 m you will see traffic-lights (semaphore) and just keep on walking strait for 500 m. Don’t turn right – just continue straight ahead.

When you see a small graveyard and a mosque on your left side , you know you are close. Just before the graveyard, some 10 m, you will see a bus stop. At the bus stop, turn right and you will see a small street some 30 m long.

Now, go down that street and at the end of the street turn left and you have arrived to your destination.

Directions To Hostel Nina

Hostel Nina

We offer you a free pick up from the bus or train station to the hostel.

In front of our hostel we have big parking, and it is free for our guests.

For guests who want to stay at our place is very easy to find our hostel which is located in south part of town.
For you who are coming with bus or train : go 2km straight ( just straight ) to the old town ( precisly to the south ). From your left side you will see the Music Center Pavarotti but you will continue some 15 m more and you will see also from your left side the small street Celebica. You will go in that little street and you will keep going untill the end of the street where you can see green white house with number 18. You will enjoy staying in our hostel.

Directions To Hostel Marko Polo in Sarajevo

Hostel Marko Polo in Sarajevo

Apartment from the airport is 10 km away and the easiest and fastest way to get to the apartment from a taxi, which will cost 10 euros.

From the main station to the apartment is 4.5 km you can reach by taxi or take the tram (train station-Bascarsija) for that cost 1.40euro map and drive to the tram stop-Cathedral Church in the center of the cell-hostel is 200m.

Whatever comes to Sarajevo with the previous announcement we will come pick you up at the station or on airport and lead to the hostel without charge.

Directions To Hostel Massimo

Hostel Massimo

1. From airport to hostel Massimo the best option is to take a taxi. That will cost you max 12 EUR.
2. From the main bus and railway station you have two options:
a. First one is to take a taxi. That will cost you max 4 EUR,
b. Second one is a tram No. 1 and you get off on the 9th station (at the Cathedral).
3. If you come from bus station on Lukavica (East Sarajevo) you should take trolleybus No.103. and you go out on station Drvenija.

Directions To Hostel Magaza II

Hostel Magaza II


By Tram:

Trams run between 5:30am and 11:30pm, with a reduced service on Sundays.

From the main Sarajevo bus and train station take tram No.1 and exit at the 11th stop (the Sacred Heart Cathedral). You will need to buy a ticket from the driver (1.80KM), and validate it in one of the machines on board.
Exit the tram and turn right up the hill. Walk straight up that street and you’ll find us on the right after about 5 minutes walking.
Taxis from railway station& main bus station cost about 5€/10KM, our recommendation is to stop one on the street.
If you prefer to walk the whole way, it should take about 40 minutes.

By bus:

Most buses from Serbia and Montenegro drop you off at the East Sarajevo Bus Station.
You can come in two ways with public transportation.

With trolleybus number 103, pay the driver 1.80KM for a ticket and take the bus to the Drvenija bridge stop. The journey should take around 40 minutes.
Walk through town to the Sacred Heart Cathedral and up from there.

Other way
From East Sarajevo Bus Station take bus number 31e (Vijecnica – Dobrinja) from the bus stop around 200m from the main station, and exitto the Drvenija bridge stop. The journey should take around 30 minutes.
Walk through town to the Sacred Heart Cathedral and up from there.

A taxi from East Sarajevo cost 10 euros/20KM. Walking not recommended.

From Airport:
You can reach us by taxi, but I would not recommend that you take one from the airport as they can charge 30 euros, and the real price is 15 euros, or less.
We can pick you up for fee of 7 euros.

Or public transportation:
We do not have direct public transportation from airport so you need to walk from airport to first station of Komercijala or trolleybus.

Read the instructions on how to get from East Sarajevo Bus Station.

Directions To Hostel Bas Bascarsija

Hostel Bas Bascarsija

Hostel bas bascarsija is situated right on the main street with main tram line.Tram stop is just a few steps away.There is a tram line going directly from the main international bus station to our hostel. As we stand at the main street in the central core of the famous old town , we are very easy to be found.

Directions To Hostel Posillipo

Hostel Posillipo

If coming from main BUS or TRAIN station just jump in the tram NO.1 located near. Exit the tram at Bascarsija main tram station.
After you get off the tram, at the Bascarsija’s main tram-station, follow the railway for another 10-15 meters. You should see the ORANGE advert with POSILLIPO sign, or you can:
by following the railway tracks take the first street (Besarina Cikma No.5) on the right, and there you will find us!

Also great Sarajevo fountain Sebilj who is placed at Sarajevo main square is just 30 seconds walk from our Hostel.

Taxi from BUS/TRAIN station will not cost you more then 4 euros.


NOTE: If coming form Belgrade, you ll be arriving to the Lukavica Bus station, so probably the best option will be to take TAXI (Price (airport) – approx. 15-18 KM, Main Bus Station (5-6 KM), Lukavica Bus Station 15-18KM). Be sure to tell the TAXI driver to turn the taximeter on.

Directions To Hostel Teatar

Hostel Teatar

Our address is Marsala Tita 56 we’re located next to the Eternal flame monument and one floor under the famous Kamerni Teatar 55 theater so anybody from Sarajevo will be able to give you directions.

If you arrive to the main bus station you can take the only tram going from there and exit on the 4th station (the first one after the twisted bridge that will appear on your right), from there it’s 200 m walk in direction away from the bridge(left), and when you arrive to the main road we’re 100 m on your right.

From the airport if you want to avoid using the taxis all the way, it would be best to take a ride to the first tram station on Dzemala Bijedica street and the line #3 will take you to the same station described above.

Directions To Lion Hostel

Lion Hostel

By car

For visitors who come from Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split and Mostar is necessary to follow the road sign which reads: Center City and trams. Hostel ‘Pansion Lion’ is located on street : Obala Kulina Bana, 100 meters before the National Library, ‘Vijećnica’.

By taxi

A taxi from Sarajevo Airport to the Lion is approximately 20 KM (10 Euro). It costs 1.50KM (0.75 Euro) to start the meter and is 1 KM (0.50 Euro) for each additional kilometer.

From Bus station -Train station

From the Main Sarajevo bus station or train station the easiest and least expensive method is to exit the stations and proceede to the tram stop. At the tram stop there is a Kiosk which sells tram tickets outside for 1.60KM (0.80 Euro) or tickets may be purchased from the driver for 1.80KM (0.90 Euro). Take tram 1 and exit the tram at the stop just before the National Library ‘Vijećnica and cross the street. The Hostel ‘Pansion Lion’ entrance is on the right through the courtyard doors.
To get to the Hostel ‘Pansion Lion’ from the Lukavica bus station east of Sarajevo, walk 5 minutes past the taxi stand to the local bus station and take bus line 31e marked Dobrinja- Vijećnica. Buses depart from the local bus stop every 15 minutes and stop just before the National Library ‘Vijećnica just across the street from our entrance.

Directions To Hostel Plaza Sarajevo

Hostel Plaza Sarajevo

1- From Bus-Train station: Tram No1 to Baščaršija stop. Waking through Safvet-bega Bašagića street, and first street on right hand side – Patke street, and you see our sign. We offer you free pickup from bus-train station on demand!

2- From airport – Take trolley No 103, to the last stop, cross the bridge, walk through Baščaršija square, cross the street and then like 1-

Directions To Hostel City Center Sarajevo

Hostel City Center Sarajevo

From the Sarajevo Railway Station and Bus Station:
To get to our hostel from the Railway or the Bus station, you can take the tram No. 1. The tramway station is located in front of the Railway/Bus station. The price of the ticket is 80 cents for one person. The distance from the Sarajevo Railway and Bus station to our hostel is only 4 km, and it takes approximately 15 minutes to get there. You should get off on the tram stop named Drvenija, which is the fifth station from the railway/bus station.
Then cross the main street, and 50 meters from the tram stop you will get to the street Zelenih Beretki. There, you turn right and walk for approx. 100 meters towards Old Town Bascarsija, where on your left side you will find street Saliha Hadzihuseinovica Muvekita 2/3 and our hostel.
You can also use the taxi transfer from the Railway/Bus station; it should cost about 5. Our hostel is located between the hotels ‘Hotel Central’ and ‘Hotel Europe’.

***When taking a taxi from the Central Bus Station and Train Station, do not pay more than 5 (or 10KM in local currency) per cab, one-way to the Hostel. The taxi driver may try to charge you more, but do not accept this! If they try to charge you more, please call the police (122).

From Sarajevo International Airport:
To get here from Sarajevo International Airport (SJJ), you will travel 12km. The price of the taxi service is a maximum of 10, one way. We’re located between the hotels ‘Hotel Central’ and ‘Hotel Europe’ .

From East Sarajevo bus station (Istocno Sarajevo, Republic of Srpska):
This is the bus station where most of the buses from Montenegro and Serbia arrive, and is approximately 12km away from our hostel. You can take a taxi from there for about 12, or you can walk 300 meters to the Dobrinja quarter to get to the trolleybus station and buy a ticket for 80 cents per person. Ride the trolleybus until the final stop, TRG Austrije. Cross the bridge called Principov Most over the Miljacka river and go onto Zelenih Beretki street. Turn left here and walk for about 100 metres, until you find, on the right-hand side, the street Saliha Hadzihuseinovica Muvekita 2/3. We’re located between the hotels ‘Hotel Central’ and ‘Hotel Europe’.

***When taking a taxi from Sarajevo Airport or from the East Bus Station called Lukavica, do not pay more than 10 (or 20KM in local currency) per cab, one-way to the Hostel. The taxi driver may try to charge you more, but do not accept this! If they try to charge you more, please call the police (122).

When using public transport you must buy a ticket from the kiosk next to the tram stop, or from the driver. You must validate your ticket once you’re onboard using the validating machine inside the tram. If you fail to do this you’ll be fined 25KM. Your ticket is only valid for one single journey, not multiple journeys.

Directions To Hostel Heart of Sarajevo

Hostel Heart of Sarajevo

Hostel ‘Heart of Sarajevo’ is located in the center of Sarajevo, in the S.H. Muvekita street No. 2.
If you are arriving at the Sarajevo airport, the easiest way to get to the hostel would be to use the taxi services, which in our city are not too expensive. You can also simply contact us and we will provide you the transportation.

If you arrive at the railway or bus station (located only 4 km from our hostel), take tram No. 1. A tram ticket costs 1.80 KM and can be purchased at the small stand in front of the stop or at the tram driver. You will need to get off the tram at the stop called ‘Latinska cuprija’ (Latin bridge). From here it is just a three-minute walk to the hostel: just head into the direction of ‘Hotel Europe’.

If you are arriving at the bus station ‘East Sarajevo’ (Lukavica) then the trolley bus is the best solution. Walk some 250 meters away from the station on your right to get to the trolleybus station. If you opt for this mode of transportation, you will have to get off the trolley at the stop called ‘Trg Austrije’. After a five-minutes walk you will arrive at the hostel.
If you arrive by car, the direction you need to follow is towards the ‘Hotel Europe’ close to which there are a few parking lots.
We wish you a happy journey!

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Directions To Travellers Home Hostel

Travellers Home Hostel

From the airport and the Eastern bus station:
The best way to get to our hostel from the airport or the Eastern bus station is by taxi. This shouldn’t cost more than 16.00KM (8.00E), but you should ask the price before you get inside. The other way is to walk to Dobrinja, where you can get a trolley bus to Trg Austrije. From there it’s just a quick walk over the Latin bridge and to the left along the river to the next bridge called Cumurija bridge. We are in the first street to your right, just across the bridge.

From the main bus and train station:
Take tramway number 1, its actually the only one inside the area. You can buy the ticket in a kiosk or inside with the driver. You will pass 4 stations and need to get out on the 5th, called Drvenija stop. From the Drvenija station, go futher 100m to the next bridge, called Cumurija bridge, turn left and go across the street. We are the second building to the right. You can even see the big cathedral in the same street.

Directions To Hostel Like

Hostel Like

If you come to our city by bus or train, the easiest way to find us:
Is to sit in the tram No. 3 and proceed to the seven station, next to City Hall. Then tram is going left, and you keep the right 300 meters, where you come to the gas pumpe Energopetrol, look right and you’ll see a commercial ‘Hotel Saray’, and we are located next to Thet hotel.

We also offer shuffle services upon request, prices are from EUR5.00 – EUR25.00.